[READ] Host switching.

Bloxxerman101 aOwner posted Mon at 20:16
Hey I-Survival!

Because of the recent time outs and crashes we've been experiencing, we've decided it would be best to switch hosts. The issue persists every day, and has not been fixed even after contacting support for the issue. Due to this, we are switching hosts today/tomorrow. I will do it at night, so by morning the server should be up and ready. Nothing will be lost.

[READ] If you're NOT connected to the server with the IP, you will NOT be able to join the server after we switch hosts unless you switch to the new IP! (Meaning, if you're connected to the server with the numbered IP address you'll need to change to I-SURVIVAL.COM)

If the timing out error stops tonight/tomorrow, we will not switch and I'll update this.

bluebacca43 Survival I hope it works!
FlowerStudiosMC Head-ModSurvival ...
FlowerStudiosMC Head-ModSurvival Okay good!

Staff Update: August

Bloxxerman101 aOwner posted Jul 11, 14
Hello I-Survival,

Congratulations to our newly promoted staff members, and our staff who have been promoted. Also, thanks to everyone who applied and attempted to help/support our server.



fishwishy Survival I saw a frog get run over by a car while walking my dog. It was sooooo funny ...
fishwishy Survival :/ > > :c :U ...
FlowerStudiosMC Head-ModSurvival Bacon, please put a thread about that here: ...
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