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posted Wed at 0:17
Hello I-Survival!
     Anyone else as excited for Halloween as I am? Why not celebrate with a %15 OFF SALE on all ranks! Sale starts Wednesday 29th. Why stop the celebration there? Come Friday 31st to Bloxx's Haunted Mansion Even for a chance to win Executive or Upgrades on ranks! That is if you're brave enough. I challenge you to come join me and other players for the race to the finish! Train your hardest for Parkour! Mazes! and more spooky events.

Happy Halloween from the I-Survival staff!
FlowerStudiosMC Survival I was told that it started at 6PM central time.
FlowerStudiosMC Survival 4:00EST seems more like a good time for you. But maybe not for everyone else. Anyways, we'll just have to wait and see!
MarsMoon1 Can the races start after school ends? 4:00 ish EST is a good time to start i think.
Hey I-Survival,

our staff update has finally finished, and I'd like to congratulate our newly promoted trial-moderator. I'd also like to say, I appreciate seeing everyone apply for moderator, accepted or not, you still tried. This staff update we had over 3 pages of applications (Nearly 90+ applications) and I've seen a lot of improvement for people who have continued applying every staff update. Thanks for anyone who attempted to get staff to help our server.


Ciphon Web-HelperSurvivalBuilder Congrats AngelzOG and CivilSavage! Well deserved!
FlowerStudiosMC Survival Fish, if your going to say something unrelated to the subject please put it in the shoutbox.
fishwishy I-GOD when ever I-Survival goes down. People just come here
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