Staff Update: Sept 25th, 2014

Bloxxerman101 aOwner
Bloxxerman101 @ I-Survival
posted Sat at 3:22
Hey I-Survival,

our staff update has finally finished, and I'd like to congratulate our newly promoted trial-moderator. I'd also like to say, I appreciate seeing everyone apply for moderator, accepted or not, you still tried. This staff update we had over 5 pages of applications (Nearly 90+ applications) and I've seen a lot of improvement for people who have continued applying every staff update. Thanks for anyone who attempted to get staff to help our server.


brad4rd Head-AdminI-GOD
brad4rd @ I-Survival
Congrats Finn, and welcome back. ...
grapejuice7777 Head-ModSurvival
grapejuice7777 @ I-Survival
Congratulations to newly promoted staff, Better luck next time to those who where denied ...
Finn_the_humann1 Trial-ModSurvival Thanks, I'm glad to be back.

Switching Hosts: Down Time

Bloxxerman101 aOwner
Bloxxerman101 @ I-Survival
posted Sep 14, 14
Hey I-Survival!

I-Survival's Backup! Connect with either or (If you can't connect with

As you know, the 'Time out' and crashing errors have been horrible to the point where we need to switch hosts. Why? Switching our previous host right now to a new host will fix the time out and crashing errors. While this process is happening, do notice NOTHING will be lost, everything will be saved and kept safe. There's no estimated time for when the server will be back up, hopefully by tonight or tomorrow morning. For those of you who can't connect with the IP, we will provide to you a new numbered IP once the file transfer is complete. Thanks for everyone's patience and understand while we work on this, this will/shouldn't happen again, so don't worry. 

If you have ANY questions, feel free to either post them on here, or contact me on Skype or on Enjin.
FlowerStudiosMC Survival
FlowerStudiosMC @ I-Survival
Ah, I'll probably need to connect with the numbered IP, because now the IP doesn't work for me ...
Brandon4792 That might have been by accident or something, lol
isabellagirl16 I-GODo
isabellagirl16 @ I-Survival
Is it just me, or is the whole message stroked through?
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